How to cover up the gap between jobs

How to cover up the gap between jobs

How to cover up the gap between jobs?

Employment gaps refer to the amount of time when the job seeker remains unemployed.

People can remain unemployed for various reasons such as being sick, having children, gathering higher education, etc.

Being unemployed is not a good feeling and no one wants to be unemployed willingly. But unfortunately, if you have a gap in your employment history, then you should know that many people have been unemployed in their job life also.

So if you have been unemployed for some reason, then the question may arise in your mind that, “how would I explain this employment gap in the interview?”

Let’s see some good and acceptable reasons for having a gap in employment

  1. Gathering higher education
  2. For taking care of your young children
  3. Starting a new business
  4. For taking care of a sick person in the family
  5. For taking part in professional training or course
  6. Taking rest for recovering from sickness

So these are some pretty obvious reasons to explain your employment gap in your job history.

After preparing the reason, you may have to explain the details briefly of that reason.

Here are some simple steps you can follow when explaining gaps in employment in the interview:

  • Explain the facts concisely and clearly. They don’t need a huge amount of personal details about you.
  • Make them understand that the situation has gone and you have overcome it. If the employer selects you, he must want you to work for the company without any delay.
  • Show your eagerness to work for the company. Let them know that you have not wasted your time during the gap in employment but learned some new skills also.

Here are some exclusive tips regarding the gap in employment:

#. Never write actual dates of the gap in your resume. Just mention the year or months you have been unemployed.

#. Don’t describe any heroic reasons in the resume such as rescuing a whale from the beach. Employers may smell dishonesty for this kind of reason.

#. Mention the gap in your resume but very concisely like using three or fewer lines for briefing the reason.

#. You should not be ashamed of being unemployed, it doesn’t mean you are guilty or unable to do work.

#. If you feel irritated to explain details about the history of your gap in employment, then you have the option to direct the conversion in another way.

Explain your work experience and other achievements which can help you to get the job.

Opportunities In A Carrier

The world is changing fast and the perspective of job seekers is also changing according to their needs and job opportunities.

There are a huge number of career opportunities being created day by day in this fast-growing world. As a new job seeker, you might face confusion in choosing your career.

To clarify the fact let’s see some of the most demanding career opportunities in today’s modern world.

Software Developer

Software development is one of the most demanding careers in today’s technologically advanced world.

The demand for software developers is increasing day by day as all things are now being converted virtually.

If you can start your career as a software developer, then there are a lot of opportunities that are waiting for you in the future. Because the demand for software developers will not decrease in this modern world, rather it will increase day after day.

Software developers earn a good amount of salary according to experience and skills.

Here is a list of the income of different software developers in terms of experience:

Time Of Experience Yearly Income
0-12 months $61,140
1-4 years $67,630
5-9 years $80,600
10-19 years $90,570

Medical And Health Care Services

Medical and health care services are not only a job but also a good way to practice humanity. On the contrary, the salary of medical and health services is also very high according to different positions of the job.

A medical and health care service holder can earn roughly $30,000 per year based on his/her experience and skills.

The opportunity in this field is huge. You will get several facilities if you work in this sector such as free transportation, free medical check-up, free medicines, and other facilities.

Another important thing is that the demand for medical services will never decrease in the future as it is a basic need for all.

So if you are looking for a sustainable and risk-free career, then it is one of the best careers in the market.

Physical Therapy Aide

Physical therapy is a kind of treatment that helps injured patients reduce their pain. Physical therapy aide is one of the great careers for a new job seeker. Because by choosing this career, you will get the opportunity to link up with various sectors of people.

The patients who come for treatment can help you to get another new job or can give you information about new opportunities.

Not only that, but the income of a physiotherapist is also a very good number. A physiotherapist can earn about $35,674 per year.

Web Developer:

The world is advancing in technology day by day. So if you are thinking of a career that will allow you to work in the development of today’s modern world, then web development will always be on the card.

Nowadays the website is a prime source of collecting our necessary information. We can not think about our life without visiting websites that contain useful information.

Web developers are working hard to keep websites up to date and help in performing the website’s functions properly.

Designing the website and maintaining it and changing it according to the requirements are highly demanding works. A web developer can have $68330 per year.

Financial Advisor

Providing advice for finance according to the market and providing suggestions on where to invest is the duty of a financial adviser.

A financial advisor not only helps others by providing financial suggestions but also gets benefited in his/her own life by assuming the best investment of money.

So if you want to be a thinker of estimating the value for money and become successful in life, then choosing ‘financial advisor’ as a career will be the best option for you.

A financial advisor’s income is approximately $72,570 per year.

Information Security Analyst:

We are now living in an era where information is the most important thing. Because the information in the document of the various sector is the part and parcel of a company. To secure the information and get it maximum protection, an information security analyst is mandatory.

Without protecting the data and information, a company can easily collapse from the market in a very short time. That’s why the information security analyst is so necessary to make a company worry-free about their data.

Choosing the career of being an ‘information security analyst’ not only provides you the opportunity to help a company but also gives you the chance of a good salary.

An information security analyst can earn more than $80000 per year.

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