How To Present A Video Resume

How To Present A Video Resume

How To Present A Video Resume

Preparing a video resume is different from creating a resume or cover letter.

To make an exciting video resume, you need to be a fluent speaker, a quiet place for recording video, video editing skills, etc.

But it is not that hard if you can follow some steps accordingly.

Here are some steps that can help you to create your video resume:

How To Improve At How To Present A Video Resume In 60 Minutes

  1. Write A Script 

The first step to making a video resume is writing a script. Your script should include the following:

-Personal background

-Education and skills



-Contact information.

  1. Create a Filming Place

First, set up a filming place in a quiet location. This can be in your office, a conference room, or a library.

Then, ask someone to help you film by holding the camera at eye level and pointing it at you.

  1. Launch A Video Recorder

Arrange a video recording device such as a smartphone, video camera, tablet, webcam, etc.

Ensure that the device you are using records high-quality videos and also records a clear voice.

Also, make sure that your recording is in a stable position from where it doesn’t move much.

  1. Record Your Necessary Information

As described earlier in the first step, you now have to record the information that you wrote in the script.

Be aware of speaking, that should be clear and fluent when describing the scripts.

First, describe your background such as your name and a brief introduction of yourself. Then tell about your educational background, interests, experience accordingly.

And at the end of the video, describe your contact information such as your phone number, email address, social media profile, etc.

  1. Edit The Recorded Video

After recording the video, don’t forget to edit it properly. Use video editing apps from your computer or smartphone to edit the video as needed. For example, you may need to add a short video to add the information that you missed out while recording the video.

Also, it helps to increase the video quality by editing the video.

  1. Review Feedback

After successfully editing the video, it is time to recheck it by getting feedback from others.

You can take suggestions from your neighbors, colleagues, friends, family members to decide whether to add something to the video or not.

They can help you to improve your video resume by identifying the mistakes and problems in the video resume.

Final Vives

Your career growth depends on how you prepare yourself and how dynamically you present yourself to others. In this competitive world, you have to go with the trend and be updated all the time.

In this career guide, we’ve brought up all the important aspects on that you should have a clear concept. We will think of ourselves as successful if you get benefitted from the career guide. 

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