How to write a resume HEADLINE?

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How to write a resume HEADLINE?

Entry level job- freshers/ graduated recently

Mid-level job- job seekers who have 2-5 years of job experiences

Expert level job- job seekers who have more than 10 years of job experiences

Headding section

A resume headline is a resume title that highlights you briefly within 5-8 words to the recruiter. It presents your value to the employer as a candidate. A headline for resume should be an eye catchy statement that must represent your entire content in a short. 

Not unnecessarily, header on a resume has to be written with relevant keywords. Your headline should be easy to read and must be relevant with job post which you are applying for.

We can also say that a header must include a full name on the top of the resume.  

Recruiters love to choose resumes using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in almost 99% times. ATS works with some keywords and experiences which match in the resume. The resumes which don’t match with the tracking system reject automatically.

So, a headline for a resume is important for the very beginning.


Entry-level job seekers start their careers with entry-level jobs. The job seekers who have recently graduated and have no working experience are familiar as entry-level job seekers.

Actually, in this stage headline may be written with the contact information and the latest degree that is achieved by an individual. Though many experts suggest that avoid writing addresses or contact info in the headline, but as a fresh graduate if anyone write their contact information it can be considered.

An entry-level resume headline can be a combination of an achieved degree and a special strength relevant with the job where you are applying.

Here we suggest some entry-level resume headline examples so that you can relate these with your job posting and write a killing headline to attract your recruiter;

  • Baile Barker
    234 Woodswalker Way
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12010
    Cell: (123) 333-3333
  • Joss Goodman
    HRM graduate from University of Cambridge with expert on project management tools


Cell: (323) 238-0658

  • Resume headline example for NURSE: Nursing graduate with a six-month internship program / CPR certified nursing assistant
  • Resume headline example for DOCTOR: bi-lingual cardiologist with proper diagnostic skill and yoga expert / fresh medical graduate with outstanding internship record / 
  • Resume headline example for RESEARCHER: competition winner chemical engineering researcher 
  • Resume headline example for TEACHER: outstanding English knowledge with phonetics and vocabulary studies


When an individual look for a mid-level job s/he has almost 2-5 years of job experience. A header for a mid-level job resume should be written with the expert skills that anyone achieved from their last workplace. If you have experience related to the job duties where you are applying for, you should choose it for your resume header.

For your best understanding, you can look at the following examples for mid-level resume headlines:

  • Nursing Graduate with 5 Years of Offshore Working Experience in an international healthcare center.
  • Bilingual Nursing Graduate and medical assistant with Experience in Rural Health Care.
  • Resourceful project co-manager with 5 years of experience.
  • Worked 5 years successfully at an e-commerce site as a Resource officer.
  • Administrative assistant with 3+ years of experience in health care institutes.
  • Multi-lingual licensed RN with 2+ years of experience in pediatrics.
  • Sales representative with 3+ years of working experience at a multinational company.
  • Skilled bartender with 4 years’ experience in high-end restaurants.
  • Experienced receptionist with deep parsuating skills.
  • Sales associate who attained 35% revenue increase.
  • Award-winning Graphic designer in national television.
  • Business analyst with years of high rating performance.
  • Digital products marketer who achieved $25 million in sales.
  • Certified medical assistant with a strong emergency care background.
  • Enthusiastic retail clerk with 3+ years’ Outdoor Outfitter experience.
  • Engaged office assistant with 3 years of experience in busy export-import company.
  • Skilled Accountant with Five Years of Accounting Experience.
  • Successful Program Manager of 10+ of Online Marketing Campaigns.


Professional workers who have a vast area of knowledge are the main incumbent of this level of the job. Doing job for a long period, they become experts on their own field. 

  • Nursing Graduate with 10+ Years of Offshore Working Experience in the international healthcare center.
  • 10 years of working experience to work with XML, CSS3, JSON, Database, and SQL queries 
  • Deep knowledge Worker with 10 Years of Administrative Experience
  • Software developer with Ten Years of Experience in Software development
  • Dedicated Senior Sales Executive with Experience in Insurance and Healthcare management
  • 15 years of experience and Certified Trainer and teacher special abilities to work with disabilities  
  • Expertise and 15+ years of experience in making financial reporting in the manufacturing sector 
  • Expert in developing both front hand and backhand web work
  • 10 years of experience in designing high-quality web design, graphics, catalogue. 
  • An expert neurologist with Flawless Record of Practicing in 10+ Private neurology Clinics
  • An expert veterinarian with 12 years of experience in attending to the international zoo.

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