Instruction And Resume Editing TIPS

Instruction And Tips


You are very close to your dream job! Yes, we have come up with unique and new designs along with important tips that will surely make your resume stand out.  And of course, along with these, you are going to have more confidence in the job search.

You will find lots of tips inside the template. And our ‘Career Guideline’ contains lots more tips and tricks for your career building. Now, Your content has to be as lucrative as your resume’s design. You know the ‘career guideline’ that we provide with our resume template is a complete package that will lead you to your dream job.

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Editing  TIPS

 What to do when you’re pasting from an old resume:

  • Go to the ‘Edit’ option (or right-click).  Now click Paste without Formatting. Thus you can ensure that the formatting matches what’s in the template.
  • Only select one part of any section or line that you want to edit at a time for best results. Just type over the highlighted text. You can even paste from your old resume (Edit – Paste without Formatting).

 UNDO is the best option to cover accidentally mistake:

  • Go to the ‘Edit’ option and then click on ‘Undo’/ Or press Control + Z or Command + Z – to undo your last action.

 Don’t forget to SAVE YOUR WORK!

  • After editing, go to the File menu and then click on ‘Save As’. Give your file and name that you can remember, and then save it on your desktop so that you can easily find it again.

 Tips for customizing your resume

How to add a section:

  • Select the entire section that you want to copy and paste into place. If you want to copy the line as well, make sure that it has been selected). In that way, just copy and paste an existing section!

How to add a page:

  • Press on ‘Enter’ to make blank spaces! The pages will automatically appear.

How to delete a page:

  • Click at the bottom of the page you want to delete. Now click on the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard until the page disappears.

How to change the color of the blue section headings:

  • For Word: There are three lines to the heading section
  • One tiny line above the text
  • The section heading text
  • And one tiny line below the text

Make sure that you have selected all three. Then go to:

 ▪ Format – Borders and Shading – click on the Shading tab. Now go to the ‘More Colors’ option and select any color you’d like!

▪ Still confused? Well, we have a short video on here on how to change it .

 ▪ When you need to make the section wider or thinner, just click on the top line. Now change the font size to bigger or smaller. You have to go through the same for the bottom line.

  • For Pages: In the heading section, there are three little lines:
  • One tiny line above the text
  • The section heading text
  • And one tiny line below the text

Make sure that you have selected all three. 

▪ Go to the Format tab (rather than Document). Now click on the Layout tab. Go to the ‘Borders & Rules’ option. you can select any color you’d like under Paragraph Background.

How to insert your photo:

  • Insert or paste your photo into the template. After doing that,  right-click your photo in order to easily move it around. Click Format, go to the Layout tab, and click In Front of Text. After that move your photo into place.

How to combine pages:

  • Some job posting may only let you upload one file. In that case, you have to merge the resume and cover letter into one file.
  • This seems pretty hard in the case of Word format. And hence, merge them in PDF format instead to save yourself some time. Save all files as PDFs. Then go to •

Upload the files according to the requirment, and then click on the ‘Merge’ button.

  • Now into your Downloads folder, the merged PDF file will automatically download.
  • When you’re done, you may need a formatting cleanup. If that is the case, email your resume to us at . We will help you make it look perfect.| 


The Word files are corrupt or you can’t open them?

Yes, sometimes the files get corrupted. In that case, try to re-download the file, or email us. We will I’ll send you the files again.

When there is a page error

That means you have Pages missing and need a special set of files as your own. Don’t worry. Just email us and we will send them on over!

Need anything else? Email us!!

Your desktop or laptop computer can be tricky, If that is the case, don’t feel hesitant about asking for help! We can fix anything pretty quickly. We will feel happy to help and save you some time.

For more resumes, cover letters, and tips, check out the career guide that came with your order.

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Good luck!

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