Premium Resume Templates VS Free Resume Templates

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Premium Resume Templates VS Free Resume Templates

A resume template is a blank template that provides the opportunity for the job applicants to fill up with required information and apply for the job.

This resume plays an important role in getting your desired job. But the concerning thing is how one job seeker should prepare his resume for a job.

However, you can simply create a resume by using either a premium resume template or a free resume template.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is which one you should choose from premium resume templates and free resume templates.

To get the answer, stay with us till the end.

Premium Resume Template VS Free Resume Template: Which One Is Best?

A resume works as a bridge between the candidate and the employer. The resume is the only thing that represents the job applicants in front of the employer and helps him to decide which candidate has the potential to work for the job.

So it is unnecessary to say how much importance a resume carries for getting the job for a candidate.

But the most significant question is who will be the winner of the Premium Resume Templates VS Free Resume Templates competition?

To find out the answer to this question, let’s dig into the further description.

What Is A Premium Resume Template?

A premium resume template is a kind of paid template that is used for creating a resume for the job by the job candidate to apply for the job.

Premium resume template, also known as professional resume template, is popular for its outstanding features which facilitate job applicants to find their desired job. There are many premium resumes available on the internet and you can find the best paid resume templates by searching different websites.

Features Of Premium Resume Template

It looks clean and simplistic

These types of resume templates are created by professional resume makers. So they look very clean and simplistic but at the same time, maintain a certain standard.

Well designed and organized

You don’t need to worry about the decorations of your resume when you are using instant download premium resumes. Because they are already well branded and furnished.

Catches the reader’s attention on important information quickly

As a job seeker, everyone wants to get a dream job and submit their resume. But few of the applicants get selected. So to get selected for the job, you need to represent your resume a bit differently to catch the eye of readers.

In this perspective, premium resume templates help you a lot as they organize important information to catch the reader’s eye.

Lucrative and very easy to read:

Well, there might be a lot of resumes for a job. But not every resume impacts the employer’s mind. Premium resume templates offer organized resume template pages that can impress the employer’s minds.

Pros Of Premium Resume Templates

There are many reasons why you should use a Premium Resume Template. Some of the pros of the premium resume template are as follows:

  • You can get a professional looking resume template design by using a premium resume template.
  • A professional resume template can save your time in preparing a resume
  • Experience is not an issue when you use a premium resume template. You don’t need to be too experienced in writing resumes.
  • Helps in creating a good first impression to the employee.
  • The template of the resume is organized in a meaningful and attractive way.
  • Full of extra features that allow one to enjoy creating an extraordinary resume.

Cons Of Premium Resume Templates

Besides having a lot of pros, the professional resume template has some negative sides too. Some cons of premium resume templates are given below :

  • It can be costly, hence you may need to pay a charge to use a premium resume template.
  • The design can be similar to the other candidates which may blend your resume in the long list of other resumes.

What Is A Free Resume Template?

A free resume template is a template that is free of cost and used for creating a simple resume template to help job seekers in securing their job.

Free resume templates are easily available and can be downloaded without spending any money.

To download resume templates free, you can visit the resume builder website.

Features Of Free Resume Template

Free resume templates are very popular for their availability and offer many features without costing money. Let’s see some salient features of free resume templates :

Free of cost

The most amazing thing about this kind of template is it’s free. And that will attract you the most. It will provide you with a very concise and clear structure.

There are plenty of websites available on the web that offer you to use templates without any cost.

Easily available

You don’t need to work hard to find a minimal template. Just open your browser and search for your free template resumes.  By performing this, you will get your desired result.

Offers a wide range of features

Designers are providing their best level to give you the most amazing and lucrative features for your free template design. To download the template and alter it for your requirements, all you need to do is click on it.

So easy to edit

You have the chance to easily edit the free template, you just need to fill up your information.

Pros of Free Resume Templates

  • No extra tension to purchase, as the resume templates are free of cost.
  • Can access this anytime as it is available on the website 24/7
  • Downloading the free resume templates is a very easy process.
  • You can edit it whenever you want.
  • An abundant number of free templates are available on different websites.
  • You can build your resume within a short time.

Cons Of Free Resume Template

Although there are a lot of positive sides to using free resume templates, there are some negative sides to free resumes. Let’s see some cons of free resume templates.

  • The number of features is limited in free resume templates.
  • The design quality of free resume templates is comparatively lower than the premium ones.
  • Some free resume templates may be backdated.
  • There is a chance that the free resume templates would not match with the format asked to be submitted by the employer.


What is the most professional template for a resume?

There is no one professional best template. You have to choose one that meets the requirements that are asked to be submitted by the employer.

How do you get resume templates on Microsoft Word?

Go to File > New in Microsoft Word. In the search box, type resume.

Choose a resume template you’d want to utilize. To open the resume template in MS Word, click Create.

What is the best resume template from Word?

There is no certain answer for this, but you can go for Nanica.

Where can I get resume templates for free?

Several websites will provide you with the best resume templates for free. The links below may meet your needs.


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