Resume Builders VS Instant Download Premium Resume Template


Resume Builders VS Instant Download Premium Resume Template

 A resume is a vital fact for a job candidate to get the job. And if you want to prepare a resume for your job, then it is not an easy task. But there are some solutions to this problem.

You can take help from resume builders or you can even use an instant download premium resume template to make your resume.

But there may be a dilemma about which one you should choose from these two.

To clarify this let’s have a look at resume builders VS instant download premium resume templates in this article.

So let’s begin the journey of finding out the answer.

Resume builders VS instant download premium resume templates: Which One Is Best?

As a job candidate, you will always want to present yourself in a way that would make you different from other candidates. And the first attempt to attract the employer is to drop your resume.

A resume is a thing that represents yourself in front of employers. So there is no alternative to sending an eye-catching resume to the employer.

But the million-dollar question is: which one should you choose in between resume builders vs instant download premium resume template contest?

Come on. Let’s find out.


What Is A Resume Builder?

Resume builders are a type of reciprocal online resume template that allows you to include information and create a subjunctive resume. Resume builders can help you to create your resume in a quick time and also help to build an outstanding resume.

Features Of Resume Builder

Provide pinpointed information

For getting the job, your information such as experience, educational background, skills, etc should be described properly. Resume builders give you the chance to add all this information properly.

Free of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a thing that needs to be avoided by any means. Because it creates a bad impression on job employers. Resume builders help you to choose different templates and avoid plagiarism.

Using precise fonts for writing the resume

The fonts should be interesting and formal-looking. By using resume builder, you can choose font size, styles, etc.

Appropriately written resume

It is always important to write your resume appropriately. In this case, resume builders are a good option that allows one to build a template of a resume adequately.

All the documents can be attached properly

You may need to attach your necessary files such as photos, pdf files with your resume. A resume builder provides the chance of including these documents to fulfill the requirements of a resume.

Pros Of Resume Builder

To avoid mistakes and other issues like correct formation, it is a safe choice to use a resume builder. The pros of using a resume builder are given below:

  • You can keep your resume up to date.
  • Creates a well-organized resume and maintains the consistency of information.
  • Helps in keeping a close eye on important topics of the resume
  • Can be accessed twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
  • It can save a lot of valuable time.
  • You don’t need any skills to design the template.

Cons Of Resume Builder

Although there are a lot of pros of a resume builder, there are some cons of resume builder as well. Let’s see some cons of the resume builder:

  • Provides a gigantic gap in the layout
  • Predefined designing of resume
  • Possibility of duplicity in the design
  • There may be big gaps in the document of resume builder to fill up with information that can be an embarrassing situation if you don’t have enough information to fill the gaps.

What Is Instant Download Premium Resume Template

An instant download premium resume template is a type of resume template that generates the basic structure for creating a resume. The only thing you will have to do is put your details sequentially by editing the document.

By using instant download premium resumes, you can make your resume without wasting a lot of time.

Features Of Instant Download Premium Resume Template

It looks clean and simplistic

These types of resume templates are created by professional resume makers. So they look very clean and simplistic but at the same time maintain a certain standard.

Well branded and furnished

You don’t need to worry about the decorations of your resume when you are using instant download premium resumes. Because they are already well branded and furnished.

Catches the reader’s eye on important information quickly

As a job seeker, everyone wants to get a job and provide their resumes. But few of the applicants get selected. So in order to get selected for the job, you need to represent your resume a bit differently to catch the eye of readers. In this perspective, instant download premium resume templates help you a lot as it organizes important information to catch the reader’s eye.

Interesting and very easy to read :

Well, there might be a lot of resumes for a job. But not every resume impacts the employers’ minds. Instant download premium resume templates help the candidates to build an interesting resume that is also very easy to read.

Pros Of Instant Download Premium Resume Template

There are many reasons why you should use Instant Download Premium Resume Template. Some of the pros of the instant download premium resume template are as follows :

  • You can get a professional-looking resume format by using an instant download premium resume template.
  • Instant download resume template can save your time in preparing a resume
  • Experience is not an issue when you use an instant download resume template
  • Helps in creating a good first impression on the employee.
  • You can organize your information in a meaningful and attractive way.

Cons Of Instant Download Premium Resume Template

An instant download premium resume is helpful in many ways but it has some disadvantages too. Let’s see some of the cons of this type of resume :

  • It can be costly, hence you need to pay a charge to use a premium resume template.
  • The design can be similar to the other candidates which may blend your resume into the long list of other resumes.
  • Style and looking can be outdated.


There are positive and negative aspects of both resume builder and instant download premium resumes.

Both of these are helpful in creating a resume. But to find the winner of the competition of “resume builders vs instant download premium resume template” I suggest a resume builder is more capable of creating a well-optimzed resume than an Instant Download Premium Resume Template.


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