Which Type Of Resume Is Right For You Hired?

Which Type Of Resume Is Right For You Hired

Which Type Of Resume Is Right For You Hired?


A resume is a thing that allows the job applicant to apply for the job. This is considered to be the first attempt to secure a job.
Without preparing an attractive resume, you can not even think of getting the viva call.

So to ensure getting your dream, job you have to follow the standard of creating a proper resume which includes many factors such as resume format, resume types, resume size, etc.

In this perspective, the question that may arise in your mind is which type of resume is right for you to be hired?’

So without any more introduction let’s see the description for finding your desired answer to the question.

Types Of Resume:  4 Different Resume Types Used in 2022

A resume is considered as the non-verbal communication of the employee with the employers. Because a resume creates the chance of attracting the employees to decide the candidates to be selected for the job.

However, there are different types of resumes available. You can follow whichever you want among those resume types.

  1. Chronological Resume
  2. Functional Resume
  3. Combination Resume
  4. Targeted Resume

Chronological Resume :

A chronological resume is a sort of resume that mostly focuses on the work history of a job applicant. This type of resume is helpful for job applicants who have tons of work experience.

However, a chronological resume contains some information sequentially. They are as follows :

  • Contact details
  • Summary statement or objective
  • Consistent skills
  • Experience at a professional level
  • Educational background
  • Extra information

Functional Resume :

A functional resume encompasses more skills rather than a work history. It includes skills and competencies relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you are a new job seeker, then this type of resume will help you a lot.

Despite having a ‘job history’ section, it includes a ‘relevant skills’ section that denotes the skills that you have.

However, a functional resume includes information in orderly as given in below :

  • Contact information
  • Summary statement or objective
  • Summary of consistent skills
  • Working experience
  • Educational background
  • Extra information

Combination Resume

A combination resume is the combined version of a chronological resume and a functional resume. Because this type of resume allows you to focus on both work history and relevant skills at the same time.

However, a combination resume includes information in the given order

  • Contact details
  • Summary statement or objectives
  • Summary of most consistent skills
  • Working experience
  • Educational backgrounds

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is a kind of resume that is usually prepared to meet the requirements of each organization you apply to. It is usually customized according to the needs of the organization.

You can form it as a chronological resume, a functional resume, or a combination resume but the focus will be on the skills that are highlighted by the organization in their job description.

Professional Resume Format Examples for 2022

There are different types of resume formats available such as Microsoft Word format, Google Docs format, Apple Mac Pages format,  Apple Cloud format, PSD format, Openoffice format, illustrator Format, and Indesign.

Google Docs

You can find resume templates for Google Docs on your Google Drive.

Let’s see some Google drive templates :

  1. Coral

The coral resume templates mainly target corporate job applicants.

  1. Modern Writer

It can give you modern touch on your resume template. The most attractive feature of this resume is that the resume header can pop up instantly.

How To Find Google Docs Resume Template

To find google docs resume, please follow the simple instructions given in below:

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Tap on New → Google Docs → From your template
  • Move down to “Resumes” or “CVs” (varies on the location)
  • If you can’t find any options, change the settings of language: My Account → Account Preferences → Language & Input Tools → Choose Language → edit, pick English


Although Adobe Photoshop is not the ideal choice for creating a job resume, you can use this resume template for your job application.

You can find a lot of photoshopped resume templates freely downloadable on the internet.

Resume Building Tips To Facilitate You Hired :

A resume is a thing that plays a magnificent role in getting your desired job as a job applicant. But certain things can help you to build an outstanding resume which can make you different from other candidates.

Let’s see some tips to build a resume to help get you hired for the job.

  • Fill Up With Consistent Experience

Resumes should be filled up with necessary information such as your experiences and skills. If you have a long list of job experience, then-recent 10-15 years of information is enough to be mentioned.

  • Use Important Keywords

Employers often use Application Tracking Software (ATS) to filter out the most appropriate candidate for a particular position.

It bears huge importance especially for the corporate job position where thousands or more candidates apply for the position.

Find out the keywords carefully and include them properly on your resume.

It can certainly help your resume to be shortlisted for the job when employers search for a resume by using ATS.

  • Make Your Resume Customize

Read the job description carefully and find out the important information that has been mentioned in the job description. Highlight the most relevant points for the job such as a particular skill or job history that should be needed for the job.

According to the highlighted points, fill them with your details.

  • Conciseness Is The Key

Make your resume as concise as possible. Using relevant information and describing your work experience briefly can give your resume a clean and smart look.

Because there may be a huge number of resumes for a job and employers don’t have much time to read all the resumes from first to last.

  • Add Relevant Experience At the Top Of The Resume

A hiring manager has a limitation of time to complete the recruitment process. So it is expected that he will not read all the resumes fully.

Your relevant experience for the job can accomplish your resume when you add them on the top.

Try to put your best experiences at the beginning of the resume so that it can seek the attention of the reader to read to the last.

  • Describe Your Interests

Don’t forget to mention the ‘interests’ section on your resume. You can add interests relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you are applying for a job in a super shop and blogging is your hobby, then you should include it as it helps to show that you are passionate about the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Resume And Types Of Resumes?

A resume is a thing where a job applicant adds the relevant information according to the job description to apply for the job.

There are four types of resumes available and they are as follow:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume
  • Targeted Resume

Which Resume Type Is Best?

There is no individual resume type that can be called best. Because the best type of resume varies from applicant to applicant according to their skills and the organization one is supposed to apply for.

What Is A Functional Resume?

A functional resume is a kind of resume that emphasizes the skills of a job applicant rather than the job history. It allows the applicant to put his skills on the resume according to the job description.

What Are Four Types Of Resumes?

The four types of resumes are given below:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume
  • Targeted Resume

What Is The Most Professional Resume Format?

It is hard to define one single resume as the most professional resume format.

Because there are different types of resume formats and they all have different features. So it depends on the candidate to choose a resume format that meets all his requirements.

There are a lot of resume formats available on the internet and you can choose the best resume formats from those.

Verdict :

A resume is the first prerequisite for getting your desired job. It is not only important to create an eye-catching resume but also important to use the right format as well.

It vastly depends on the job you are applying for and also sometimes the company specifies the format of the resume.

I think now you have found your desired answer to the question ‘which type of resume is right for you hired?
If you follow the instructions properly, then you can easily create a resume in the proper format.

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